/The Best Alternatives to Mr. Insta In 2020

The Best Alternatives to Mr. Insta In 2020

If you’re a marketer or is active on social media, you might have heard of Mr. Insta’s up-and-coming brand success program. But are they really delivering promise on their website? what is it really they are doing? And can you really trust this to try and push your online presence to the next level? There are over thousands of users who have reported Mr.Insta and left negative reviews saying “they have been scammed”, “Never received the followers”, “Followers were fake bots”, “They have been charged twice from their credit card without their authorization” and tons of other reasons which will make you not one to buy any services from them.

What is Mr. Insta?

Mr. Insta is a provider of social media promotions, launched in 2013. The company provides Instagram boosting services which includes Followers, Likes, Views, and Comments. Even though they offer a free trial of 20 Followers or Likes and all seems good before you are actually buying their services. The free trial is nothing but a trap for making you into buying premium services.

If you are genuinely looking to grow your Instagram organically buying Followers that are real then read our top alternatives to Mr.Insta bellow:

So what is The Best Mr. Insta Alternatives in 2020?


Why I listed this website on top? The quality of Instagram Followers is the really good and the pricing very reasonable. There is also a 2-year free refill guarantee on the Followers that no company offers. Their services are extremely reliable and the privacy policy clearly states that all the data is privately held & secured by SHA 256 encryption. Their customer support is always online 24/7 & will reply all your service-related queries on orders. SMMSumo is clearly is the best site to Buy Instagram services, Hands down.


Alwaysviral is one of the few reliable websites that we can recommend as an alternative. They offer really good quality of Instagram Followers & Likes. We purchased 1k Instagram Followers & 500 Facebook Page Likes from them that came really fast. The website also provides secure transactions via their encrypted SSL checkout and placing the order was simple as well. Their customer support is also great as they are almost available 24×7, helping you with any questions you have. Their refund and privacy policy is very buyer friendly as well. Totally recommended.


QQSumo is also a popular place to Buy Instagram Followers of real and high-quality. They used white-hat marketing methods to boost Instagram accounts which is a must if you are looking to grow your Instagram organically. They offer services on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Spotify, SoundCloud and other services as well. We tested its quality by looking at the followers and likes they delivered, we were not disappointed at all. The packages are extremely cheap and starts from $1. You may contact them via Support Tickets, Live Chat, email & Skype for any help you may need. Overall recommended!


FollowersZeal is one of the best sites to buy Instagram Followers, Facebook Page Likes, Youtube Subscribers, and more social service. We ordered FollowersZeal’s 250 YouTube subscribers & 500 Instagram Followers to see if they could offer the service as promised. We were very satisfied with our order which came as planned and the followers looked real. They have 24×7 hardworking customer support at your convenience for any support. We will recommend them.


  • Secure https website programmed to secure your data while using the site.


  • Selling fake followers.
  • Extremely expensive pricing.
  • Not reliable for organic growth.
  • Over thousands of negative reviews online.
  • Automated bot system to deliver Likes, Views & Followers.


1. Is Mr.Insta Really Offering a Free Service?

On their website, Mr. Insta says that they provide followers and likes that are free. But there is a condition, they say you can get these if you submit a quick survey that will cost you around a minute to fill. Also, bare in mind that you will only get 20 free followers which will vanish away in a week.

2. How to I Get Followers and Likes?

Before purchasing Followers and Likes lookout for the best sites mentioned above which are SMMSumo, Alwaysviral, QQSumo & FollowersZeal.

3. How fast I get this Delivery?

Followers are usually delivered in 6-12 hours but it is much quicker on likes as it gets delivered in an hour or less.

Final Thoughts:-

While Mr.Insta used to be a good provider for Instagram marketing but their services are not as good as they promise. The Best Alternative to Mr. Insta is SMMSUMO, AlwaysViral, QQSumo & Followerszeal. All of these 4 websites offer organic marketing methods to gain followers. They also provide 2 years of free refill protection, High-Skilled 24×7 customer support, quick delivery and a dashboard to track all of your orders & packages.